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The name of this product evokes memories of the mythical Titans who were the fiercest and strongest warriors. The company who created this formula has an equally colorful name - Virility Rocks, and it most certainly does, but whether or not this product can actually help users increase their virility, erection power or sexual potency remains to be seen.

Ingredients at a Glance:
Titan Male Potency contains: Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama and Lepidium Meyenil.

Ingredients in Focus
Titan Male Potency relies on a triad of herbal extracts - Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama and Lepidium Meyenil. Two out of three of these herbal extracts are extremely effective - Tribulus Terrestris and Muira Puama. They are in fact sought out by many consumers who are “in the know” when it comes to herbal supplementation.

Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to be able to significantly increase testosterone production in user. Some many be wondering why this is important. The answer is rather simple-testosterone is often the lynch pin in male sexual fitness. Testosterone production can ebb and flow in times of stress, or as men age production of testosterone has been known to begin ebbing. This can seriously impact sexual functioning and cause a reduction in virility, stamina and potency. The use of Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to be able to boost testosterone production, thereby boosting overall sexual feeling and performance.

Muira Puama is also known as Potency Wood in the Amazon, where it was used extensively as an aphrodisiac, as well as a method of alivating erectile issues; although it hs been proven to be far more effective at boosting overall sexual performance, than directly affecting erection quality. In fact a French study showed that those who used this element and who suffered from reduced libido were significantly helped by using it.

However, this was not the case with Lepidium Meyenil, which is also used in this formulary. Lepidium Meyenil is also known as Maca, which is often advertised as being an extreme sexuality booster. However, studies conducted on Maca, which showed that it may have some positive affect were conducted on men who had no signs of sexually dysfunction or reduced libido. It has not been proven to be effective in helping men who do have some form of reduced sexual function.

Many men over their life time will experience some form of erectile dysfunction, and seek help with it. Those who investigate holistic options will usually settle on using products that contain - Yohimbe Extract, because it is a real “Titan” when it comes to drastically increasing the hardness, quality and frequency of erections in users, because it can increase the blood flow to the penis and the amount of amount of cGMP in the penis. cGMP is the mechanism which is responsible for the stimulation and maintenance of erections.

• Contains Tribulus Terrestris and Muira Puama

• Does not contain Yohimbe Extract
• Does not use a known herbal extract to drastically boost erectile functioning

Final Thoughts
The formula used in Titan Male Potency would be a titan if it used Yohimbe Extract instead of Lepidium Meyenil, which is a rather lackluster performer in terms of boosting male sexual functioning and fails to directly affect the issue of reduced erectile functioning. Yohimbe Extract on the other hand has a direct and undeniable affect on erection hardness, quality and frequency, a quality many men are actively seeking in a holistic male sexual fitness product.

Yohimbe Extract also works really well with other sexual fitness heavy weights such as - Tribulus Terrestris and Muira Puama. When these three are used together they can boost erections, increase libido, virility and potency, as well as boost sexual desire. Together these extracts create a formula which would be a boon to any man’s sex life. As mentioned earlier it is unfortunate that Yohimbe Extract is not used in this formula.

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Men today are starting to search for supplements and vitamins that help increase male potency and their sexual prowess. Poor semen volume is an issue that not just raises problems during procreation, but can also greatly affect a man's pleasure during intercourse. However, with male potency pills that help in boosting semen volume, men can not only greatly enhance their sex life, but also their chances of fathering a child. Titan™ Potency Capsules male potency pills are market leaders in male potency boosters that help in increasing the volume of ejaculate produced in men. Some of the main benefits that you get with Titan™ Potency Capsules Male Potency Pills are:

Improved Orgasms: An orgasm is nature's way of helping the male egg penetrate a woman's body in order to fuse with ovum. Since semen is the carrier of sperm or the male egg, the more the volume of semen that you ejaculate, the longer and more intense will be your orgasm. On the other hand, men with less semen production have shorter and less pleasurable orgasms when compared with men who have larger volumes of semen. A male potency pill like Titan™ Potency Capsules can increase the amount of ejaculate by double, which means that your pleasure will also multiply accordingly.

Higher Potency and Fertility: Many couples who face child bearing problems do so because the volume of semen produced by the male partner is less. This is generally accompanied by a lower sperm count as well. An easy and safe way of combating this problem is the use of Titan™ Potency Capsules male potency booster, which increases the amount of semen produced, and thus helps male sperm travel all the way inside a woman's body to fertilize the ovum. A man's potency can get a great boost by using Titan™ Potency Capsules male potency pills since research has proven that men using Titan™ Potency Capsules produce 6ml of semen and a larger amount of sperm as compared to the male average ejaculate of 3ml only.

Increased Sex Drive: A higher amount of semen production instantly leads to a better sex drive. This is because a larger volume of semen increases a man's ability to sustain multiple orgasms, which in turn means that one can have a number of orgasms in a day. With a large amount of semen ready to be released all the time, a man may feel like having sex more often. By using Titan™ Potency Capsules male potency boosting pills, one can easily have sex a number of times in a day.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, one major plus point of Titan™ Potency Capsules pills is that they are absolutely herbal, effectively increase male power and potency and do not cause any side effects at all. You can safely use Titan™ Potency Capsules male potency booster pills for as long as you want without worrying about any harmful effects. Titan™ Potency Capsules pills are a simple, effective and side effect free method of increasing male sperm count and semen volume and for combating impotency and fertility related problems.



What would you do if you were able to have a more satisfying sex life? What would it be like?

Men are constantly under pressure to perform in the bedroom in a manner that satisfies their partner. If you feel sexually deprived or deficient because of your small penis size, then the pressure is even greater. But can you do something about it that will bring you to the peak of you and your partner’s sexual desire?

For example, do male enhancement pills really work? Can you really get the results that are promised by many companies? There are many companies that sell male enhancement products and some of them really do what they are promised to do and some of them don’t. How would you determine which male enhancement product will give you the best results for the price that you can afford and what other results can you expect from natural male enhancement products?

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Researchers have concluded that increasing penis size improves sexual satisfaction for the woman and for man’s dysfunctional erection, premature ejaculation, and emotional baggage are no longer a problem. In addition, men are pleased with the intense orgasms, timely ejaculation, more extensive erections, advanced sexual stamina, and increased pleasurable sexual experience.

At Male Enhancement Group we combine customer’s reviews and statistical information on the best selling male enhancement products to select male enhancement products for our research. Then we compare the selected male enhancement products with each other to determine the one product that rates the highest in the following areas:
Performance - male enhancement gains
Speed - how quick were the results?
Ingredients - who has the best ingredients?
Safety - is the procedure safe?
Support - do they offer customer support for their product?
Reviews - customer satisfaction
Claims - do they offer a guarantee?

To see the results of our comparisons showing which male enhancement product is safer and more effective than any other competitive product on the market, check our product reviews.

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Sex is an important aspect in every man's life. All men want to have a rocking sex life - this is precisely the reason why most men worry about how high they rate when it comes to lovemaking. Although it's true that sex only occupies a part of a private man's life yet it cannot be denied that it actually means a lot to him.

The Titan™ Potency Capsules volume enhancement is a sperm volume pill designed to improve sex life by an easy all-in-one supplement pill to substantially boost semen and sperm production, improve male potency and fertility, enjoy bigger orgasms, achieve harder erections and raise self confidence.

Whether you consider this to be truth or not, the biggest part of male ego is, in fact, fed by how good the private member of a man performs in the bed. The prestigious automobile, a high paid corporate job or a home that is furnished fully may surely boost the confidence of a man before a woman but yet a great sex can make a big difference of every single thing.

Sex always has been the main issue that has been instrumental in creating problems in personal life. There are many men suffering from erectile dysfunction or other such related problems. Over the years however the treatment for this malaise has been discovered and many effective solutions with regard to this problem has been found out and these for sure can boost up the entire experience of lovemaking. Presently, Volume Pills are the best selling sex drugs that are available in market. Many drugs treat the erectile dysfunction or increase the sexual drive of a man but volume pills actually look for boosting up the quantity of the load of a man. This naturally leads to a much fulfilling sexual experience which every man craves for.


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Satisfaction at the time of lovemaking is dependent on intensity of the sexual energy and drive of a man. However, it also depends on the load that a man can unleash at the time of climax. A powerful and huge release of load surely pleases a woman to maximum level. Longer the orgasms, better it is.

Wide varieties of the sperm volume pills are sold in market. These products promise men to not only 2 or 3 but many intense orgasms that characterize a great sex. There are many companies selling volume pills. These volume pills are effective and safe for men. Many of the companies offer these drugs even without prescription. The volume pills can simply please your partner during lovemaking. These products can certainly boost the sex life of a man. There are many other benefits of volume pills too.

Do sperm volume pills really work? For better sperm production, enhancement in the quantities of semen and sperm, longer lasting and stronger erections, more powerful and intense orgasms, increase in sex drive and staying power during sex, increase semen volume, and better improved confidence, Titan™ Potency Capsules is the top rated herbal male potency pills on the market today.

So, if you think that you really require volume pills then buy them. However, you should always consult the doctor before buying the volume pills and this is a must if you're undergoing through any medical treatment for avoiding severe side effects.

If you want to have more information about the sperm volume pills, visit volume-enhancer.com that offers pills for increasing the semen. Male consumers can surely rely on products that are sold by this company, that apart from distributing and manufacturing effective drugs also keeps in mind the safety and health of their customers. Volume pills that are marketed by Titan™ Potency Capsules.com are developed by an experts group who concentrated their research fully on improvement of the performance of men in bed so that they can achieve maximum pleasure at the time of lovemaking. While many other companies have put their attention on treating erectile dysfunction and male enhancements, the researchers at Titan™ Potency Capsules studied male orgasm is one of the most vital components of satisfying sex. Sperm volume pills like Titan™ Potency Capsules have been developed by doctors so that men get maximum pleasure in sex life through powerful and multiple orgasms load. This is one product which for sure will enhance pleasure in sex.

As men get older or due to other circumstances, they sometimes find themselves in need of male enhancement products. This is nothing to be ashamed of in any way. Just as women go through menopause, men experience changes. Fortunately, there are some wonderful relief measures. Do male enhancement products really work? Yes, they do, to the pleasure of both men and women.

Best Penis Enlargement Pills

How male enhancement products work depends on person using them. Men experience higher arousal states, longer endurance and even multiple orgasms. Not only does the man notice the difference, but his partner does as well. This leads to an intensified sexual experience enjoyed by both.

Male enhancement products work because they increase the blood flow to the penis area and this makes for an increased sexual desire, a larger erection and a more satisfied partner in the lovely lady by his side. Yes, the satisfaction and positive feedback of women are very important in regards to male enhancement products because two happy people on the sexual side of the relationship makes for two happy people who have been helped.

What are the real benefits men get out of male enhancement products? There are several. One is pleasure, of course. A satisfying sexual experience is definitely more enjoyable. Another is self confidence. A man who feels more sure of himself can approach his love interest with more confidence and it can radiate in a positive way to other areas of the relationship as well.

Male enhancement products can lead to a more fulfilling love life which means a more fulfilling life in other areas as well. A man who is confident in the bedroom is going to be more confident in his work life, in his relationships with other people around him, in the way he sees things and how he feels the world sees him.

Male enhancement products that are natural and do not need a prescription are better for men because they do not conflict with other existing conditions they may have. Sexual erectile dysfunction problems have probably always been around. Men opening up and seeking help is a lot more recent. The causes of impotence or lack of sexual desire are better known now than they were centuries or even decades ago. Obesity, drinking, smoking, low testosterone and aging are the most significant. However, they do not have to be the end all of sexual activity. Thanks to male enhancement products, they aren’t.

Just as women go through changes thanks to childbirth, a menstruation cycle and menopause as well as lifestyle choices like eating, drinking and smoking, so, too do men. It is not surprising that it affects their sexual libido. There is an answer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way to turn the game around and head the team to victory. Male enhancement products are available, they do work and they can make the difference in a special night you have planned with your lady love. As for whether you tell her your secret, that’s up to you.

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that of all the penile enlargement techniques on the market today, pills are the most commonly used; numbering in the millions of men who opt for this route when it comes to enhancing the size of their penis. This is because pills are convenient, easy to use and the fact that there are so many different brands out there that they are competitively priced and all of them pushing their wonders on the consumer.

However, many penis enhancement pills do not deliver as promised and in fact they tend to fall into three groups: the good, the bad and the ugly. Be very careful when shopping around for your own penile enhancement pills or else you could end up wasting a lot of time, money, and effort on a system that ripped you off.

The Good.

The good pills give you what they say they’ll give you. When they are used as instructed and consistently, they work. Unfortunately, even this pills get a bad name because some users only get half an inch to an inch of growth and the man using them was expecting a couple of inches. Multiple inches are rare and really, the user should be glad to get any growth at all because good penile enhancement pills are in the minority.

The Bad

The bad pills don’t give you anything in terms of growth, but at least they don’t take anything away either. They are the placebos of the penile enhancement world; if they work at all it’s because you’ve convinced yourself that they worked. Usually these pills are consisted of sugars and starch and nothing that actually work; they are made by companies looking to extort desperate men.

The Ugly

Some penile enhancement pills not only give you nothing in terms of growth, but actually damage your body. A few are made to do just that, but most of them are simply made out of ignorance; someone throws together a combination of ingredients that might work and end up being dangerous.

So how do you sort out the good from the bad and the ugly? Well, the best thing to do is to research products very carefully, look for independent reviews and never go into a product expecting the world. Even the best products will only give you half an inch to an inch of growth; but at least that’s something and for any man desperate for penile growth, it’s enough.

These days’ men are trying means of improving themselves in all ways, and that includes ways and means of getting more out of their sex lives too. Those were the days when men found it difficult to talk out about their problems of having a small penis. Most of the time they did not even realize that this was the cause for all their marital troubles. But today, penis enlargement is becoming quite common and men have no qualms about talking out.

Both men and women prefer the men to have a larger penis and of late penis enlargement has become a big industry. Everyone is aware of the fact that personal appearances and creating a good impression among the women is all important and performing well in bed is the next moat important factor. You no longer have to fear that you will be left behind feeling alone and insecure just because your penis is small.

There are many ways in which a man can get his penis enlarged. You will find so many advertisements that exhibit male enhancement pills; pumps etc. there are also herbal patches for those who are afraid of using the pill and in some cases works even better than the pill. In the case of the patch method you are supposed to put on a new patch every three days and the herbal ingredients are said to be imbibed directly into the bloodstream for more flow of blood and improved enhancement.

Male enhancement reviews state that the latest method is the use of the traction that is quickly gaining in popularity in the male enhancement market. These are the more recent remakes of the weights and the hazardous pumps of the olden days. You are expected to wear the mechanism for about six to nine hours everyday for maximum benefit. There is said to be clinical proof of the results backed by strong money back guarantees.

Well, to the question by many whether male enhancement products really work the answer by many is that it definitely does. Some of the methods as mentioned have been proved to enlarge the size of the penis.

Though the pills do not really work alone, when used with natural enlargement practices like penis exercises they seem to have better effect. Exercises help by increasing the erectile tissues so that they will be able to hold more blood, and if there is more blood naturally the penis will be bigger and thicker. But do not compare, as the growth in size will be different in different men. So as you see if you take the pills along with penis exercise, the exercise will help to enlarge the phallus, while the pills will assist in better flow of blood into the penis. You will find that there are exercise programs that come as part and parcel of the male enlargement package that consist of natural pills and exercises.

Another form of penis enhancement is the phalloplasty or the penile augmentation surgery. In spite of the fact that it has its advantages it also has a very harmful consequence.